Trendy chrome nails

1:22 PM

Hey loves, this morning I got inspired by the picture you see bellow and decided to do a tutorial about how you can get these super trendy nails that everyone is doing right now for under $10. Yes, you heard me, less than $10 nails. You're welcome :) 

Here's what you're going to need. First, your nails. I picked up these nails at none other than Forever21, my favorite place to go for all things trendy. these chrome nails were only $3.90, crazy right, and my favorite thing about them is that they give you way more than you need just incase one falls off. Second, a nail filer, to smooth out your nail bed for the adhesive to better attach itself, and lastly nail glue. Now, these nails claim to be press on nails but let's just say there was not much gripping happening, after all they were only $3.90, so get you some nail glue for a much better hold, and take it with you, just incase one of your nails decide to leave the party early. Make sure to apply the glue on your nail bed instead of directly on the press on nails, to avoid getting glue all over your rose gold press ons.  Et voila! 

Hope you enjoy your new nails.
Xoxo - The Glamquest girl

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  1. Those nails thooo :D
    I love the metallic vibe of it. And thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is very sleek too ;)